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Hey everyone I have a question about back bands and adjustment. I just recently bought a Perception Expression 15 and I'm almost done with my customization. I really like this boat and it fits me like a glove except for one thing, the seat back (which is pretty much everyone's one complaint about this boat). Although the seat is super comfortable I've decided to remove the back and install a band since the back sits so high even at it's lowest setting. My question is what is the optimal height and point of rest on the back for a band and should I also move the seat back closer to the cockpit rear or does that not matter? Thanks in advance.

You want to be sitting erect
The backband should be low enough to support your lumbar vertebrae into lower back maybe a little, but overall should be at a point where it helps you to stay erect and take advantage of your core muscles for primary support. That leaves you free to rotate properly for the forward stroke.

You may have limited anchor points to get that backband low enough to sit right. If that is a problem, one alternative is to take out the whole seat and put in a mini-cell foam seat and back support that you can shape and customize for a good fit. Do your own from scratch or take a look at stuff like this: http://www.redfishkayak.com/seats.htm

IR Loungeband
Simple retrofit. Comes as a kit with multiple attachment methods.


Photos of a Perception retrofit here


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I could take awhile.
I wouldn’t get too anxious about trying to find the right formula for what fits you best. Even the best setup will most likely take a little time to get used to. Over time, you will determine which changes you need to make and don’t be discouraged if you have to make more changes as time goes on. I made several changes on one of my boats and finally worked my way back to pretty much the way it came, but with a minor change in some adjustment bungees that made all the difference in the world.

On the other hand, some boats come with a seat that cannot be easily changed, or modified. Such was the case with my newest boat and I thought for sure it was going to need some custom made cushions. I couldn’t have been more wrong; the seat has turned out to be the most comfortable seat I’ve ever sat in and it is solid un-cushioned and non-adjustable fiberglass.

Depending on your seat hangers
You can use zip ties around or fender washers to clamp to the edge of the hanger and paddle w the backband in different positions to see what feels best. If using the washers on fiberglass hangers don’t push too hard on the band or you could chip the hanger.



+1 on the IR band
I love the IR bands, easy retrofit. Going from a seat back to a back band does take time to get your core muscles adjusted and strengthened.

In my case seats and backhands that were comfortable for all day, now feel like I need more support. This is only because I have not been paddling much for the last 4 months and my core muscles are not in shape.

I installed the IR back bands in my WS Zephyr and Dagger Alchemy and used the method shown in the IR demonstration video on U-tube. At first they felt to low, but as I got into better shape I found myself having them ride lower and lower. Now the band bottom just clears the top of the seat pan.

a recent thread on a similar topic
that may provide you some good info; your Perception seat frame and attachment points are probably similar.


WS backband option
I switched out the seat back on my 2103 Tusnami 125 with the factory back band. It involved drilling out two factory marked holes in the rear coaming that do not go through to the outside. I am happy with the way it fits my lower back and allows for much better torso rotation. It stays out of the way when re-entering from a wet exit.

I also installed the WS hip pad set. Both improved handling considerably.

Here is a an older WS video that explains how to switch to a back band, but it works fine for retrofitting the new seat.



On my ww kayaks, I’ve tried to set
the backband height so that it is right at the top of my pelvis, but not on the vertebrae. For more relaxed use, a little higher might be OK, but the band should not inhibit torso rotation.

IR Loungeband
Big fan of the IR Loungeband. With a bit of care the installation is pretty easy. I put one in my Tsunami no problem.


thanks everyone
Hey Paul, I ordered the same back band as well cause I wanted to stay factory and confluence has a video up on how to change the seat and band that I’ve found since my post. Thanks everyone else for the replies as well.