about T-Zip duffels

Okay I bought a NRS Ultimate Zip Duffel with the patented T-Zip. It actually works like a regular zippered duffel with one exception. The zipper is sticky until lubricated. There exists a proprietary lubricant made by the T-Zip folks, but was not included or noted when ordering the duffel. I’d rather not mail order such a small item and probably pay more in shipping cost than the item is worth. Anyone out there have knowledge of a lubricant that I might purchase locally at say, Home Depot? Prior experience with this would be well received. TIA.


Plain ol’ paraffin shood do de trick…
Yer kin’ git dat anywaar.


I think you mean TIZIP
Here is a link to the zipper site:


Click on “service” and it will tell you how to care for the zipper.

Silicone grease
The stuff that should be provided with the Ti-zip is just a silicone grease.

You can get silicone zipper grease at any dive shop.

Thanks for the concern
but the link you sent is to TIZIP, the zipper manufacturer while the duffels are the NRS Ultimate Zip Duffel as stated in my post. This is the retail product of which the TIZIP is merely a part and no mention is made that a lubricant is required. That is the rub! Ya only find that out after the duffel is received. I order from NRS a lot and they’re good folks but need to cover this in the future. My main concern is to not use a lubricant that screws the duffel or zipper up.