about to make a big purchase(need help)

Hi, I’m new to this board.

On thursday afternoon I’m going to buy a 140 dirigo as my first starter kayak. I tried it out at a paddlefest and liked it alot!

Just wondering if anyone had anything to say against the dirigo before I jump in.

Thanks for the advice, and I hope to see some of you out paddling!

Enjoy the boat
If it is the one you picked out after trying a bunch, just enjoy the boat! Go paddle it alot and have fun.

Don’t be nervous.This boat will always
be special because it is your first.

Just immediately start saving for the next.

Welcome, and ENJOY!
Welcome to the board. I have learned a lot from people here who have helped me, and I feel I have helped some too along the way.

Kayaks are very personal means of transportation or enjoyment, a lot like different motorcycles are. Things I like, you may not, and the same the other way.

I started out with a kayak I really liked, and soon was saving for my next one. In 4 seasons, I have had 4 kayaks, and I am hoping this last one will be the “One to keep”. As I paddled and learned, I found things I liked and didn’t like, so I continued my quest for the perfect kayak. I have come to the conclusion that there is no one perrect kayak, but all are compromises of many differet atributes. The trick is to finally understand what you like, and then find the kayak that fills those needs.

The trick for you will be to just go and enjoy the boat you just bought. As you do this, you will learn about kayaks, and how they handle, and why they handle the way they do, and sooner or later you will realize you want to try a different type of kayak. And the cycle will continue as long as you are enjoying, and learning as you go.

I don’t know anything about the kayak you just bought, but if you like it, that is what really matters. So go and paddle and enjoy, and Learn, and HAVE FUN!!!

Happy Paddling!

I’m jealous
I have a Loon 138 which i really like alot, but if i had any xtra dinero in my pocket the Dirigo would be my choice. I still may have one sometime this summer with a few side jobs coming up.

If you tried it and liked it
it will be great.

Best of luck.

New model
It’s a new model so people like you will be providing the next bunch with that answer.

You tested boats and liked it. Thats what counts.

Welcome to our world and enjoy your boat!

always room for Jello-usy
I hope that you like your boat…I debated buying one. another model went on sale…wish I had the Dirigo now. I still like mine, but I am thinking that in a couple of years the next to the fleet will be a dirigo. I think this will be an GREAT boat and I think you will love it.