ABS Deep Scratch/Gouge Repair

On my way back to the ramp after a pleasant paddle this morning, I encountered a #$(^&*^%&** submerged metal fence post which did a nice little number on my hull. It’s more than superficial but less than questioning sea worthyness. Mostly cosmetic damage with some drag creation, I guess. Reviewing Eddyline’s repair instructions using Devcon Plastic Welder, I think it’s easily repairable. So, before I launch off down this repair road, does anyone have any words of experience wisdom to offer in the “been there, done that” category?

Haven’t run into an underwater fence post but did use Devcon to repair a seat which split in three sections (still don’t know how I managed that). Eddyline replaced it of course, but I did the fix just for practice following the detailed instructions on their website. Because of the thinness of the ABS, also used glass tape. The Devcon did a nice job.

Since you’re filling in a gouge, I think it will be a simple fix. White hull - get white Devcon.

My Google Fu must be weak because I can only find cream or black Devcon Plastic Welder on the interwebs.


EDY also sells it. Look under repair materials.


I’ll probably need some soon. Looked at the bottom of my hull and noticed a new long gouge. Recall an impact yesterday in Lake Michigan’s crazy waves, but it was more of a thump than a scrunch.

I was on Lake Granbury south of Fort Worth, Years ago, the trees (and apparently fence posts) weren’t cleared out as the lake was filling so there are lots of stumps. I’ve hit a lot of those and the kayak just slides over or off the stump and no big deal. The lake level has dropped about a foot and I was 30 yards from the shoreline when I hit the post and it sounded like muffled fingernails on a chalkboard so it didn’t sound good. After I cleared the obstacle, I reached under the boat and could feel the scrape. It’s about 3 feet long and 1/8 inch wide and deep enough to require filling. I suppose I’m lucky the post didn’t slice through the hull.

if you don’t care about the color, just get some “Waterweld” epoxy putty. I use it on my royalex boats all the time - it is very durable - I even use it on the stems as a make do skid plate. Home Depot and probably any hardware store sells it

Worst I ever did was hit some rebar with my CF canoe. That hurt! Took it down to the cloth.

Ouch. Nothing like crunching noises to make you cringe. I’ve ordered some white Devcon from Eddyline.