Absolutely brilliant! - Tuilik

I received my new Tuilik from Reed Chillcheaters…www.chillcheaters.com, and I have to tell you that it is probably the best investment in a piece of gear that I have made. The material is lightweight and stretchy, with warmth characteristics similiar to a 2mm neoprene but it is thin like a t shirt.

We made some modifications and I had them sew in a second sprayskirt on top of the keyhole cover so that now I can jump from boat to boat, OI to SOF to Tempest without having to change tuiliks or sprayskirts. When in the Ocean cockpit, the sprayskirt under it just bunches a bit but it is so thin that it is not an issue at all.

the material is cool enough (compared to a Brooks anyway) that it wasn’t uncomfortable in the heat and was definitely waterproof. I also asked them to put in a bail hole into the keyhole skirt and it is very similiar to a dry bag and is perfect for reaching into the underdeck bag for a sandwich or just to “have a scratch” as Chris at Chillcheater put it.

The skirts themselves have loop tabs on the edges for you to attach map cases etc…

I had to send them a ton of measurements ranging from head and neck size to wrist size and torso length etc…a pretty extensive list and I even had to give them an idea of my seating location in each of the boats!

Absolutely incredible. A tremendously practical piece of equipment. No more Walrus suit until it gets colder and even then I may not use it as the material will stretch to accommodate fleece and dry suit options easily.


thanks Paul
i’ve been struggling in deciding what to do for a second Tuliq, one that is cool enough for summer use.

Here is my dillema…I use 2 boats for rolling practice:

FC Wisper

WS Arctic Hawk Pro

I cant use the Wisper in the pool, therefore the AH Pro gets winter use in the pool.

I can use either in the lake at home since no chlorine.

I figure I wont need the Brooks in the pool since it is warm water and air.

The ChillCheater with dual skirts seems perfect!

Thanks for being the guinea pig! Can you give me a rough estimate of what they charged you?



guinea pig
Time of course will tell if there are going to be any issues with the double skirt. It is so well taped and sealed that I don’t foresee any but will keep everyone informed if something does show up.

Essentially they charged me the cost of an additional spray skirt for putting on the ocean cockpit.

It was less than for my aquilisaq and tuilik from Brooks though.

Another thing about the hood part. For me to tighten the Brooks hood, I had to really pull hard and tie off the hood with the material covering my mouth, then pulling the material down and around my chin to produce a good seal. With this one, it is stretchy, similiar to a divers hood but since it has less all around bulk, it lays better on your skin and is infinitely more comfortable.


Post some pics on a WebShots gallery, ok?

And you never did mention what they charged you…

I picked up a brooks Aquilisaq and am very happy as its a great fit with different small cockpits (no more keyhole for me) and seals well against my drysuit. Very comfy.

However, come cold weather I was looking for an option such as this ChillCheater one instead to fulfill the need for neck/head coverage that could be used with my drysuit and think you have nailed it.

Can the ocean cockpit skirt adjust somewhat to fit slightly different cockpit sizes like a tuilik does? If so, I need to contact these folks.

Heads up

No s

thanks Lira
chillcheater. got their catalog in the package and they have a heavier material too. didn’t see that on the website.

cost was just under a Brooks Tuilik and Aquillisaq combined…but then I got socks and some other stuff too.

Yes the material is stretchy so it should fit on different size cockpits.



BIG diference!
rolled the SOF today, What a difference! I am no longer able to rely on that big puffy Brooks tuilik to help me and found myself struggling a bit with the sloooow roll up to a balance brace that I was getting so good at…hmmm… Had to use my hand to scull up a bit.

This tuilik will definitely make me use proper technique and I will not be able to fudge as there is no extra trapped flotation anywhere.

Makes you wonder what would happen without the pfd??? probably sink like a stone.

Good to be humbled a bit every once in a while…:slight_smile:

speaking of tuiliq flotation
i was wondering how much flotation my brooks has compared to say a lotus locean in terms of flotation…i’m betting they are similar, try explaining that to The Man though…

like I said it was a pretty severe reality check. I had always heard how the Brooks tuilik was a big fluffy pfd but I had taken to wearing mine where I would roll down the material so that I got most of the air out as sometimes there was too much and you had to work at it to turn the boat over. I didn’t realize the inherent flotation. Oh I can get up with a bit more drive with the knees and feet but I was really working on the slow way down rolls. What this tuilik shows me is that my technique is sorely lacking and I need to rethink what I am doing. Probably a good thing in the end…if it was easy we would all get bored right?



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some reason, I always remember the figure of 7 pounds flotation for a wetsuit....not sure if thats really corect, but I do know you can swim a lot farther down with a wetsuit on than with a PFD on....tend to thing that a tuilik is'nt much differant than a wetsuit which would make it about half or a little less than half the floatation of a PFD (most paddling PFD's run around 17 lbs I believe)

trapped air inside the tuilik should not be counted, because in a swimming for your life situation, it won't be there, it will have fled

Best wishes

good point
good point for keeping your pfd on. I had promised my wife a long time ago that I would always wear one so that is not an option for me. (She could say I could upgrade the insurance and I could do anything I wanted then, but that is another story…)

Obviously I was using the pfd and the additional flotation of the Brooks tuilik to get my rolls down. Now it looks as if almost half to a third of the flotation is gone and I have to rethink everything.


Another great thing about the Chillcheater tuiliq is that you can pull down the hood and use the tuiliq as a regular paddling jacket. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable around the neck and you can quickly pull the hood back up again when paddling nasty stuff.

/Peter - (swam just yesterday :slight_smile:

It felt like the seal around my neck would be adequate for a couple of rolls with the hood down but didn’t want to test it just then. but it felt really good to just pull it down around my neck when the sun got a bit warm.


Is it like Fuzzy Rubber material?
Just wondering if you could describe the material. Looks interesting. Chillcheater makes all sorts of paddling wear. Is there a thin fleece-like layer on the instide like fuzzy rubber? Does it try quickly, unlike neoprene? Do you think the material would lend itself well to shirts and pants?

This thread makes me want Guinness! NM

Chillcheater material
The material is called Aquatherm and like Fuzzy Rubber and other Malden Miles fabrics it has a polyurethane coating, but unlike other products the inside is a knitted polyester. The primary benefits are that the knit allows a uniform bond with the coating which is why Aquatherm does not delaminate. Secondly the knit dries much faster than the pile. Finally the knit has much more stretch.

Reed is making a coated pile fabric called Aquafleece that has been in use for a while now with no signs of delamination, however it is not as stretchy as the original Aquatherm. The Reed product line is now available in North America at selected dealers. You can find a dealer list at www.reednorthamerica.com

Thanks, good to know
I like fuzzy rubber for it’s low wind chill and easy drying, but wouldn’t mind something more stretchy.

nice stuff…I have a paddling cag, an ocean cockpit spraydeck, and a hood from reed…thought about getting the tuilik and possiabilly a dry suit from them sometime.

their prices seem to have gone up quite a bit since I last bought from them tho

Best Wishes


mini review
took the OI out this morning…flat lake conditions. Must have done about 50 different rolls including back deck and norsaq attempted rolls on on side and off side. Not just standard rolls that would not necessarily strain the spray deck. The deck was completely waterproof. I never felt a drop other than perspiration on my legs.

rolled with the hood down and got a couple of little drops down my neck but I was doing some pretty extended layback rolls and front forward finishing rolls so I am very pleased with how it held up. (I prefer the hood up though as I don’t like water in my ears.

Material is a soft knit on the inside and the material dries very quickly.

All in all I am very pleased with the tuilik. If it holds up over time this is a real winner.