ACA Camp Sebago

Has anyone stayed at the ACA’s Camp Sebago in Harriman State Park, NY? Did you like it? Would you go again?

I happened to be hiking near there yesterday, so I walked through to take a look. The ACA website’s description is quite different from what my eyes saw. The structures are probably from the Civilian Conservation Corps era: some were just post and beams covered with bug netting. There were cabins with a gas supply to cook but I imagine they can get pretty hot if there’s no breeze. Long, downhill, rocky hump to get your boat to the water, it looks like people just store their boats in sheds at start of the season.

The place was packed! So maybe there’s something I’m missing.

Haven’t stayed there recently (I did frequent Harriman a lot as a kid)but Sebago is the headquarters and meet spot for ACA canoe sailors. So boats stored there prolly belong to members/those who race. I hope to get up to their Thousand Islands event this summer.