ACA discount on Subaru?

Does anyone know if the ACA discount on Subaru still available or has it passed?

here is the info

Subaru discount
So the discount is off the list price does anyone have the fine print since it excludes certain models?

Call the number
Call the number listed in that web site and they will send out a letter/form which you take to the dealer. That from has all the details.

When I got mine, only the WRX was excluded, but things may have changed since then.

We got our Outback wagon
with the ACA discount.

Came in below dealer invoice without having to negogiate. Best possible experience buying a new car.

How about…
Does it (ACA discount) work if one is buying it under the name of business?

(this is a part “work” viehcle)

I found
A few years ago, I found I did better at the Subura dealer where I didn’t mention the ACA discount then the one where I did. The ACA discount was simply subtracted from the cost. In reality, at that time, the typical costs paid were less than that. At that time, I found using pricing as a guide pretty helpful (not sure if they are still as competitive or not).

Curious what car you are getting, as I keep heating that the new subies are less than ideal as paddlesport haulers. Have not personally looked at them, and was wondering what you thought?

Yea, I’m pretty sure if you show up at a
… dealer flashing your AAA or ACA discount, the salesman’s eyes light up.

you mean…
…the saleman’s eyes ROLL up? :wink:

I showed up at dealership to bargain
… on a new car and was asked by the sales manager if I was a AAA member. I walked out and bought elsewhere. That stuff is meaningless.

2010 rack sucks
Just be wary of the Outback if you need wide bar spread - their new factory rack design doesn’t play nicely with aftermarket rack systems.

You’ll do better with moxie than any membership card. Reminds me of a scalper selling tickets for 30% off list price that were being sold two for the price of one.

You’ll never see the first Dime in fact
it’s going to cost you more money. Don’t be fooled.