ACA Member and Paddler Mags Not Rec'd?

Any other ACA members not rec’g their Paddler Magazines?

This has been an ongoing problem for me for 3 years…

I completely forgot about the magazine until tonight, and realized I haven’t rec’d it in about a year…

This happened when I first joined too… They seem to have a problem with subscription fulfillment.

I emailed them directly, but wanted to know if this is widespread…

Paddler mag
Been a member for a long time, always get mine.

Bill H.

joined ACA in March and have yet to recieve a Paddler magazine - have sent e-mails but still waiting.

Heard similar last night
A fellow paddler over post-paddle beers, got the first one just after joining late last year then realized she hasn’t seen one since. We suggested she call - while improved it appears that the ACA is still having some administrative issues.

That shows you what “Padder” is worth
I’m not surprised that you didn’t miss it for a year. Unless you’re into whitewater, it’s basically a waste of paper. When I was an ACA member though my club, I tried to get them to stop sending it, but they refused since the ad revenue is a big money maker for them.

is apparently having some financial issues. If you get Canoe and Kayak, you may have noticed a long lag between issues this spring and then a couple came all within a few weeks as they went through a bankruptcy. The ACA suspended publication, but says it will be back. the link below has the story.

Good Info, thanks. nm

I am into WW… :wink: nm

I concur and
didn’t renew this year for the very same reason.

They tout all the safety stuff, but then glorify guys going off 80 foot waterfalls and make heros out of the few who die each year.



Paddler Mag…
I was on the national BoD of the ACA when we bought Paddler Mag. It was struggling but Eugene Buchanan, the editor did a good job of getting out a decent mag on a shoestring. I was not on the BoD when he left so don’t know about that but do know that Paddler turned into a rag that I quit reading. I’m still a member of ACA but don’t mind not getting the mag.


Consider yourself "lucky"
I think the ACA does some good things and I am a member and certified instructor. But Paddler has always been a second rate publication. The “new” Paddler is not any better than the older ones. I paddle WW (as well as sea kayaking) and find little of value in Paddler. I just recycle them when they arrive (my wife is also an ACA member and instructor so we get two). ACA is getting their house in order in a number of ways but Paddler is probably a lost cause.