ACA membership?

I signed up for an ACA family membership via the new website a few weeks back. After the intial email confirming my membership, all I’ve received are a few emails with website updates and general news. Should I be expecting a membership card or something via snail mail?

Our local paddle shop offers discounts to members, but they mention showing an ACA membership card which is what started me wondering. I guess I could show my credit card receipt…

Yes, eventually…
You should receive a membership card via s-mail - we always have. Sometimes it takes a while. The ACA does very good work and provides valuable services, but is often not well coordinated administratively…

Thanks for the reply! I was hoping that was it and I hadn’t missed checking a box or something.

Membership card
Actually, I was just on the phone with them today regarding the same thing – wondering where a membership card was. They said something to the effect that there had been some delay with the switch to their new system, but the cards were now being processed.

I had
The same problem with them, eventually they sent me two membership cards however I never did renew my membership with them.

good work, poor administration

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ACA does god work. And their insurance is key for many events, who likely wouldn't have insurance otherwise. I second the comment about their administration being sub-par. But I don't agree with the comment that it is due to some recent change to their system - it has been this way for years.

I have friends on the ACA Board
and they are trying to do a lot with very little staff. Yes there have been changes.

The website is a big improvement over the mess of the past.

I will say the database needs work. I am still waiting for CanoeRoots since January and its my fault. I am here griping and not contacting them.

Happened to me too
I needed proof of membership (a membership number) to get insurance for an event. An email, backed up with a voice mail speeds the process.

Anybody missing cards or
with questions should contact the ACA. They resolved my problem and replied to my email with in 90 minutes.

Got it.
Update: I received my card yesterday. I think I did anyway, kinda looks like a business card? It’s got my membership number on it so I think I’m good.

Got mine too,
They must be getting them all out at one time.

ACA membership
This is a great organization. Be sure and check out Sugar Island and the Subaru discount is outstanding.