ACA Solo Canoe River Instruction

I’m trying to find ACA L-1 to L-3 or 4 solo canoe river (whitewater) instruction in May, and not having much luck so far. I will be traveling from FL to PA for an appointment in Harrisburg on May 15, so could do a class either just before or just after that date. I did find a class at KAPCO, in VA, but the 15th falls right in the middle of that class. Any leads on a school between FL and PA with ACA instruction I haven’t found yet?



The ACA has a Find Instructor link
There are many more private ACA instructors than formal schools.

Did you investigate NOC?

There will be a passle of ACA instructors at the Conne-Alli-Kiski Sojourn near Pittsburgh the 11th-13 but those are moving water trips and not formal instruction. Its an opportunity to network though.


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Here is a listing of ACA certified instructors and instructor trainers that is a little dated but I suspect still applies:

If you want to do the instruction somewhere in the Pennsylvania area I would suggest you contact Greg Wolfe who is a level 3 instructor:

If he can't help you I suspect he would know who could.

Bob Foote is a well-known instructor who who is ACA level 5 certified and lives in Maryland:

Another option would be to plan to stop off at the Nantahala Outdoor Center near Bryson City NC and do some private open boat instruction with one of their ACA certified instructors. I would suggest either Wayne Dickert ( or Jimmie Holcombe ( who are both ACA level 4 certified:

Private instruction is not cheap but is a better deal if you can arrange to do it with one or two others. If you are interested in doing open boat PI at NOC and want a partner, let me know and I might be able to meet you there.

I have had both Greg Wolfe and Wayne (Wayner) Dickert as instructors and can vouch for them personally. I have not had the pleasure of having Jimmy Holcombe as an instructor, but I have heard 2 other fine NOC instructors refer to Jimmy as "The Master", and I have seen Jimmy out on the water many, many times. Never met Bob Foote but I have been told he enjoys the reputation of making grown men cry.

Pete that is not the instructor list

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its the IT and ITE list.

Still one or more of those folks should have contact with instructors in their area.

If I understand correctly the OP wants instruction rather than certification as an instructor.

ACA Instructor search by zip code

pblanc - if you ask nice Bob will even provide tissues.

Seriously though, if you do contact Bob, you might also get his other half who would be well worth scheduling something with. That half being Karen Knight.

I’ve got dibs on them for here in Hyde Park, NY, May 13-15 but outside of that it’d be worth zipping them an email.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

But I assume that the email addresses would still apply. Obviously, all the instructor trainers would be more than capable of instructing at whatever level the OP wanted.

I know that of a couple years ago Greg was still doing individual instruction. Jimmy, and I believe Wayne were also as of last fall.

if a group thing came out of this in PA

… I might be interested too. Not trying to horn in, just figured I’d speak up.

Why not in Florida or GA

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Why North?

Any other time or place?

Seriously the Soujourn is going to use the skills of at least five Ohio Penn ACA River instructors but its not a course.

I will email you an IT contact just over the border in Ohio who will be taken by Sojourn but might have other ideas.

Molinas are relatively near in Louisiana and are two fine solo ITEs that do run courses. IMO better than Foote. Pagayeur here also in LA.

Of course depends on where you actually are based. Due to anonymity we dont know.

Thank you
Finding the right resources is all about knowing where to look. Thanks for the support. I’ve checked several. NOC has a fantastic program, but their schedule and ours don’t work. The River Connection is checking on putting something together for me. And with the reference to the “instructor by zipcode” at ACA, I found a lot of leads I can follow up on.

Thanks again. We’ll make this work yet.