Acadia kayaking

We are going on a 2 day overnight with an outfitter in Acadia, ME in September and I’m really excited. I believe we will be overnighting on an island off the western coast of Mt. Desert Island. Does anyone have stories to share about the area? What can we expect to see while we’re there?

no bugs,
no tourists, start of fall color, harbor and gray seals, porpoise , eagles, osprey. Maybe lots of fog

Its what you DONT see that you will love.

Enjoy the peace and quiet and the sounds of lapping water.

Acadia is a kayakers fantasyland
There are dozens and dozens of incredible areas for kayaking on the coast of Maine, so it is hard to say which is best, but I tell people that if you could round them all up and stuff them into one condensed area it might be as good as Acadia.

I spend two weeks a year there camping and kayaking and this will be my fifth year. I paddle most every day I am there, and I have yet to even come close to paddling at all the spots available to get to and seeing all there is to see.

The scenery is beautiful. You will love the place.

We circled Mt Desert Island…
several years ago., and it is a great place to paddle.

There was one Island(forget the name) that was a seal haul out.

I would go back in a minute.



Not enough time to tell all my stories,
but you’re welcome to check out my photo albums at Many of these photos were taken around Mount Desert Island. Hope you have a great time. Laura

What island?
You mentioned the western side of MDI… is it Bartlett Island?

Whatever island, enjoy your trip. We kayak Acadia/MDI every summer and it always affords us new and exciting adventures. Early morning paddling (for us anyway) have proven the best opportunities for wildlife- puffins, porpoises, harbor seals.

I’m sure you’ll love it. It’s absolutely gorgeous and you’ll luckily miss peak tourist season. If you don’t have a waterproof camera, get one and take lots of pictures!!

thanks to everyone for all the info. I am not sure what island it is but Bartlett sounds familiar. We spent a weekend hiking in Acadia last fall and I am excited to explore the area from a new perspective. thanks again!