Acadia Nat. Park/Cranberry Islands

Does anybody know if there is any camping sites or places on either the Grand Cranberry Island or the Little Cranberry island off the coast of Mount Desert Island in Acadia? A Maine friend and I are thinking of kayaking out to the island come July. And perhaps some trips around Stonington. We were thinking of going to Isla Au Haut but thinking during the July 4th weekend, I’d gather finding a leanto at this time would be hard to almost impossible. It’s less than a month away now.

We’re also thinking of doing day trips from LaMoyne which is on the coast just north of MDI.


It is my understanding there are no places (public or private) to camp on the Cran. Is.

Isle au Haut has lean-tos which are reserved in advance and always full. There are however about a dozen island areas to camp on in the Stonington/MDI area that are open to MITA members (Maine Island Trail Association). There is also a very kayak friendly camp ground near Stonington (Old Quarry).

Good Luck.

We’ve looked into Old Quarry, we’re still planning things, my friend in Maine has a friend near LaMoyne and we could probably crash there and do some day trips but I’d like to do some touring as I did buy a touring kayak… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. I’ve looked into MITA too, although I live in NJ and not Maine.


Old Quarry…
Well, thought I’d update that we got a spot at Old Quarry, right on the beach. And they’re having fireworks that night so perhaps we can combine a night kayak and fireworks… It should be awesome…