Acadia Nat'l Park, ME

I’d like insight into the three day tours run by Coastal Kayaking Tours in Bar Harbor, ME. I’ve signed up for a tour in September.

Acadia Tour
You should love it. It is the most beautiful place in the world and September is the best month. Coastal Kayak has some really good people and although the quality of any trip depends enormously on the quality of the guide, you have every possibility of happiness with them. Relax, Go and Enjoy!

Coastal Kayaking
I guide for a competitor so I won’t say much except that my very first trip was with Coastal and it was wonderful. I’ve kayaked every chance I’ve gotten since that Memorial Day weekend 6-yrs. ago.

Mount Desert Island (home of Acadia Nat’l Park) is a beautiful place to paddle. You’ll have a great time.

arcadia trip

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sounds great, I am hoping to yak Maine some day soon. do I ever agree with the part about the quality of trip depending enormously on the guide--I do not want to name any names, but I recently went on a weekend trip (not in Maine, nothing to do with Coastal!) where the guide made very un-subtle sexual references, discussed their ex and what went wrong in their relationship, went out of their way to show off (in and out of the water) and seemed very hung up on talking about certain private body/restroom functions. The guide did not deliver on the promises they had made (even though the guide and the tour company doesn't deserve any discretion on my part, I'm trying to cover my butt here!) I felt extremely uncomfortable during this whole thing. I kept thinking, "maybe it's just me." Since we had invested money and could not get it back by the time we had embarked on this trip, we felt obligated to make the best of it. I guess I was in denial, it was just short of horrifying. I'll never use this business again. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest, I am not exaggerating any of this. It could have been an amazing time, however, it was practically a nightmare.