Acadia NP rentals


Will be spending a week at Acadia in August. I’ve never been. I’m looking for recommendations on kayak rentals - would want to get a sea kayak of some sort, in the 15-17’ range. Any ideas?

I’d love to bring my own boat, but just don’t have time for the 18 hour drive each way :slight_smile:

I take it you are renting a car?

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and need on water kayak rentals?

There are lots of kayak tour companies but few that rent to independent paddlers.

Here is one

Actually, I’m flying into Boston and we’re driving up from there with family. We’ll have 2 or 3 boats on the car heading up, so I’ll have a vehicle to go pick up a boat if necessary.

Thanks for the link!

OK thats more choices
Stop by Seaspray Kayaking

Its just off Rt 1 at the West Bath exit…that is if you are doing Rt 1 and not the Turnpike to Bangor.

not a lot of options

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The closest rental place that I know of is Old Quarry Ocean Adventures in Stonington. They rent single and tandem sea kayaks (Necky and Wilderness Systems). And they'll deliver a little ways (not to Acadia though).

In Bar Harbor, you could try calling Aquaterra Adventures, and see if they will rent you a kayak.

All the outfitters I know of in Bar Harbor only do tours, and only use tandems.

On the way up (if you take the coastal route, which is about an hour longer) you could stop by Maine Sport in Rockport, ME. I think they rent kayaks. Also Ducktrap Sea Kayak (same area) probably rents boats.

Outstanding area to paddle though. Just renting is hard. Drop me a message if you want tips on areas to paddle that meet your interests/skills.

MaineSport does rent
again on RT 1 just south of Camden on the left.

However the rates are STEEP!

Maybe Cadillac Mountain?

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They are on the main road that goes over to the island (Mt Desert). I don't know if they do rentals to independent kayakers though. They are the only commercial possibility I know of that isn't a drive which may be too far for your being on vacation.

Maine Sport in Camden, for ex, is at least an hour and a half drive each way. (and I agree they are pricey) Most of the options in the midcoast region will be a solid 2 hrs each way, and also put you well east onto coastal rt 1 rather than being able to chew up the miles to Acadia at highway speed. It's a pretty ride but not the fastest, especially if you are trying to cross the dreaded bridge at Wiscassett when there is any traffic at all.

If you are willing to stop well south and carry the boat up most of the coast, you might give a call to Lincoln Kayak in Freeport. They are pretty close to the highway - it wouldn't be way out of your way. I don't know that they rent to independent paddlers unless you have some coach or such that can recommend you, but if anyone does in that area they'd know.

The water around the island can be very nice or unexpectedly demanding. If you have worked with a coach or paddled with similar who knows the paddlers up that way, you might see if they can recommend you. There is no lack of boats up there - it's getting your hands on a good one for independent rental that can be tough. And the water will be cold, so drysuit is not a bad idea. 60 is the warmest it ever gets.

Bar Harbor
Coastal Kayak Tours aka Acadia Outfitters . . . Cottage Street Bar Harbor. Rent both singles and tandems.

not Cadillac
Cadillac Mtn. Sports does not rent boats. They sell a decent selection of boats, and have demo paddles on Thursdays, but no rentals.

Oh well…
Good news is that someone below has a suggestion on the island.

You seeing any spring up there yet Nate? It’s certainly being shy here.

you mean mud-season?
Yeah, we’ve got more mud than snow now, so we call that spring. I’ve seen a few crocuses blooming, and the daffodils are just poking through. We’re still getting snow (9 inches this weekend), but it melts quickly now.

It’s actually warmed up enough that the sugaring season seems to be just about done, so that’s progress.

I haven’t been on the water for a while, but my replacement drysuit arrives tomorrow, so I’ll start getting out this week. Sullivan Falls next weekend I think. And a weekend paddling the Boothbay area at the end of the month.


not according to their website
though they were not open when I was last there in Feb…(no surprise)

might be worth a call.

I would love to know what Maine Nate lives in. Its not mine. We still have a foot of white stuff. Any crocuses are hiding.

They rent
You have to fill out a form listing your experience and sign a release. Call for details . . .

The part with ocean
I know there are a number of different climates within Maine. I always find it funny when they give a single general weather report on the radio, covering the whole state.

Right along the coast we’ve really warmed up. Been in the 40s more days than not lately.

We’re headed to Bethel tomorrow to re-experience winter though. Plenty of snow left there.

Stop by

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and you can have fun with a snow shovel.

What God puts down now, he can take away.

I like Maine Public Broadcastings forecast. Its so general that it fits most any forecast from Labrador to North Carolina.

Someone emailed me pix of canoeing on open water in the Adirondacks and now I could be really in a bad mood.

Except the skiing is sweeeet.

Must have been a river or the big lake. As of Saturday, lakes in So. Albany Co. were still froze stiff.