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Hello All,

We will be spending a week in Acadia National Park ME this summer for a family vacation. We have never been to the park and are looking for suggested areas to Kayak. We bring our travel trailer so we will look for campgrounds with hookups, but for kayaking we are looking for fun, safe, and most importantly beautiful scenery areas to paddle. We are all in rec boats. My wife and I have 10’ rec boats and we have 2 young kids that each have their own Herring Jr. So most likely lakes and inland waters, but if there is a harbor without much current I would love that as well. Please share some suggestions of great places to spend the day paddling. Views, wildlife, etc are what we are after. Thanks all!

long pond
Is the first place that comes to mind. In the saltwater the tides are pretty strong and the water is cold so with 10 ft rec boats and kids I would stick to fresh water. wear your PFD’s

Acadia is a great place
I have sent you a separate email with more info, but Acadia is great place. Remember, with the kayaks you described, you will likely be safest and warmest on lakes in the park. The ocean water is cold. Not sure how old your children are, we first went with our children many years ago (they are now in their 30’s) and have been back without them a number of times over the years. Our daughter even went there solo from Boston in the last 2 months for a few days just to renew her memories of the park.

Take advantage of the park service programs. Remember its about 100 steps from the parking area up to the visitors center. Check Acadia’s Beaver Log which in the past provided weekly schedules of activities. Sign up for ranger programs as soon as you can after you get there. Not sure if you can do that on-line.

Do not expect to see any wildlife there.

Michael Northern Virginia

There are many beautiful small ponds
Long Pond has been mentioned. Echo Lake is also good on the western side of MDI as well as Seal Cove Pond

Ocean paddling requires some planning as the tides are 13 feet and at low tide mud flats may be between you and the launch areas Seal Cove may be the most protectd but parking is sometimes a nightmare. Its on the western part of MDI

The NPS campgrounds lack hookups.Mt Desert Narrows is a nice campground on Somes Sound Whatever you choose book now. Not later. Its quite busy in the area and not possible to just drive in.

I don’t know where the VA poster went but there is much wildlife on MDI. We have seen many signs of wildlife kills by falcons. ( Peregrines nest on Champlain MT). Beavers and eagles on the western side of MDI. There are bear and deer too. I am local so I get to visit frequently.

Not much wildlife if you stay on the tourist trail though I have seen a loon come up to people on Eagle Lake.

Osprey are everywhere.

For more paddling A Pocket Guide to Paddling the Waters of Mt. Desert Island (Pocket Guide (Camden, Me.).) (Paperback)

by Earl D. Brechlin Its an older book but cheap

A little further afield. Donnell Pond sourrounded by mountains is a gem. Its about 45 min from Bar Harbor Its Maine Public Lands no fee required

Eagle Lake
Along with Long Pond and Echo lake as previously mentioned. If you want to do something on the ocean I would suggest using one of the outfitters in Bar Harbor.

Enjoy your trip

As above…
I have done a few sea kayaking symposiums in that area. Echo the others, stay to freshwater ponds with the rec boats and use an outfitter for trips on the salty stuff. The ocean and bays have quite varied conditions and cold water, even in August. And most new folks don’t fully get a 12 to 14 ft tide until you are someplace you did not want to be.

The lovely wooded campground on Somes Sound that I thnk you are referring to is “Mount Desert Campground”

The “Mount Desert Narrows” Campground is an expansive RV park on the side of Rt 3.

Donnell Pond
+1 for Donnell Pond. Strongly recommended.