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I'll be in Bar Harbor for a few days in two weeks with my pregnant wife (about 5 mos along). We're taking our kayaks, and I know it's a huge paddling playground up there, but was wondering if there were any suggestions of a good scenic paddle that won't be overwhelming for me lady with child. Viewing the local wildlife (puffins, seals etc...) would be perfect!

Thanks in advance!

Right near the town boat ramp.
I asked the same question a few days ago. Also e-mailed “Senda” (she posted here and is a guide in Bar Harbor). She works for Aquaterra Adventures. Others have also recommended them. Web site is It looks like they have several trip to pick from. The solo trip and the sunset paddle trip look kind of cool.

There was also a shop in Ellsworth (you will drive through it to get to Bar Harbor) that had a demo day each week at the river running through town. At least they had them the last time I was up there. I do not know if the rent boats or not but it might be a way to get on the water for free for a short time.

I will be in Ellsworth visiting my brother the same time your there (13th -20th) and want to do a short day trip also. Maybe we will end up on the same trip. Send me an e-mail if you like and maybe we can plan it that way.

Have a good vacation


no worries -
and this was white water !!!..

lots of great places to paddle - just pick your days - which you would do anyway…

Many places to paddle
You’re not likely to see puffins by kayak. They live and play many miles off shore and don’t come in to the mainland. You will see their closest relative - the black guillemot, a little black bird with a white patch on each wing and bright red feet. See my webshots album at to see what they look like. You’re also likely to see harbor and gray seals, harbor porpoise, bald eagles, herons,… Saw a doe and fawn last night on the shoreline of Bar Island.

Launch sites - easiest access and parking is at Hadley Point. The beach is at the end of Hadley Point Road. You can paddle around the Twinnies - they’re private, no landing allowed. The easiest place to launch from downtown is on the sand bar at the end of bridge street. Don’t park there though - you’ll be able to paddle onto your roof rack when you come back! Don’t laugh, it happens every summer. Note: the south side of the sand bar is mud - launch and land on the north side if the bar is exposed. From there you can get to all of the Porcupine Islands. You can land on all of them, but no overnight camping is allowed. A paddle out to and around Ironbound Island is fun and you’re likely to see a lot of wildlife. Last week, one of our guides saw a minke whale out there. Wish it had been me. Ironbound is also private and they don’t like anyone landing there due to an arsonist many years ago.

On the rest of the island, the launch sites include: Bartlett’s Landing, Seal Cove, Bernard town landing, Manset boat ramp, Seal Harbor beach, and Northeast Harbor town landing. Pay attention to the wind direction and pick the lee side of Mount Desert Island to launch from.

Hope you have a great time. Feel free to stop by Aquaterra Adventures if you have any questions about anything in the Bar Harbor area and of course, to say hello.