Acaida Auqaterra

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Just bought this Kayak it is a Peception Acaidia Aquaterra all I know about this yak so far is that it is 12 ft and 3 inches long and it floats and handles alot better than a OC Frenzy - I am looking for the specs for it tried to contact Peception but no one is home can any one point me in the right direction

I think it’s
a really old boat.

yep…what kinda specs. go measure the length/width/depth with a tape measure. It was a rec boat good for flatwater.


My daughter had one in 1998 so it
is NOT a really old boat.

Look at the HIN for the year of mfr. Its the last two numbers.

It is a fun boat and she took it all along the shores of Long Island Sound.

I dont know what it was replaced by;it seems everything gets “upgraded”

Did you look at the reviews? No specs but specs usually tell you a limited story anyway.

I had one of these. it was 12’-4" and 26 or 27" wide. it had a 14" depth and carried something like 400 lbs. I bought it maybe 2004 or 2005.

yours may be an earlier version of what mine was. it was exolar material, which i liked very much. I have an older carolina 13.5 (2005) made of exolar which is wonderful.

Yea I did the tape measure thing but wanted to know yr and Max cap, thanks for the help guys

I think for a 12 foot boat 400 is too

If I put 400 in my 26 inch wide 13 foot canoe it would be sluggish for sure not to mention potentially unstable.

Water cares not what displaces it. Something short displacing 400 lbs is going to sink deeper than something that is longer with the same burden.

The Acadia was designed as a day tripper and I would estimate it was happiest with a burden under 250.

I never had alot of weight in it so dont know what would happen if loaded to the max…but,it was “rated” as 400 lbs. Yes thats alot but the 9.5 sparkys and such were rated at 350. I know there is not much stock in the manufactures ratings but that is what they had in the specs.

Acadia takes a load
I had my 6’5", 275+ pound friend in the Acadia we had years ago. It held him just fine, with lots of freeboard. This design is very adaptable, and worked well for my 130# wife. We gave it up for longer and lighter boats, but it still holds a good spot in the heart…