Access to Guadalupe at Victoria, Tx

Does anyone know if river access is possible at the 463/77 bridge over the Guadalupe River at Victoria, Tx. ? If access is possible, how difficult is it? I would like to extended the distance of the 4.4 mile paddling trail by putting in upstream of the official launch site. Launching at Loop 463/77 bridge would extend the trip to about 7.5 miles.

Is there another possible takeout downstream of the official takeout that could be used to lengthen the trip? I know about the takeout at Highway 59, but that makes for > 15 mile trip which is a little more than I want to try at this time.

The last trip up there I paddled upstream from the official trail takeout almost to the official put-in before a river wide gravel bar made the current too swift for more upstream paddling. The ride downstream back to the take-out was a lot of fun and a lot less work than the trip up.

The plan for the trip is to do the Victoria trail in the morning, have lunch, and then do the San Antonio River trail (6.6 miles) over at Goliad about 30 miles away. Since that trail ends in Goliad SP, we can take out late and just camp for the night.


Contact canoeman

Marc is one of the most knowledgeable paddlers I know when it comes to the Guadalupe.

Another Contact
Hi Mark,

You might try a call to Mark Henneke with the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority. I think Mark is at Lake Wood on the Guadalupe near Gonzales. He coordinates a race up in that area, but I think is still familiar with the Victoria area as well.

Have a good trip!