Accessories to add to my new but used ..

Prism! Kevlar with tractor style seat. Sitbacker chair seems to be too big for small seat. Can/ should I change seat out entirely? I love to do 4-5 day river runs(all class I/II in Indiana). Need a decent backrest with good butt cushion. Any other accessory suggestions? -BOB

Back rest?
I just put some sleeping pad foam on the seat, Knotch

out where my tailbone rubs. I have done a bunch of three day paddles, over many miles and portages and personally have been quite comfortabe with just the foam. I have seen a back band rigged up in a J-Boat

to give a little presure to the lower back, but not

severely restrict rotation. I think it came from Wenonah.

Wenonah back band
That’s the one I’d recommend. I’ve tried a couple of others, but the Wenonah is the only one I’ve found that gives good support without being in the way. As far as butt cushioning is concerned, I’ve always used the thin self-adhesive foam pads. I’d definitely stick with the bucket seat.

Wenonah doesn’t recommend…
the backband or the other type of backrest for the floor mounted type of seat. Is the canoe world…buy , try , adapt or your out $70?

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Happy Birthday (40th) to me!

Any suggestions on other accessories…
…like paddle holder, fishing pole holder, anchor? Brands you have used and like?

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