Ace 4.7 as river runnner?

I recently boat an Ace 4.7 that is to be used as a crossover between playboating and River Running. After testing it out on flatwater I am a little concerned about its stability and how it will perform while running. Is this just in my head, or do I ned to find a seperate boat for river running.

Thanks, Alex

Probably not the best choice
As those kind of boats go it is considered a stable boat on flatwater. But it is basically a playboat that you can run rivers with if you are already skilled at river running. Like many wide, flat playboats it is hard to roll without good technique. It was not one of Wave Sports most successful designs even though some people swear by them. You would be much better off in an EZ if you want to run rivers and learn to play boat.

How about an EZG
I have gotten an offer to buy an EZG 50 for 300, will this perform well for me?

If it fits you, go for it.
The EZG is more playful than the EZ but is still pretty forgiving (i.e., the chines will not dump you over as easily as some boats). But try it before you write that check. Some people do not like the fact that your legs have to be straighter than the typical WW boat. Assuming the boat is in decent condition, $300 is a steal.

You didn’t say much about your skills or experience. If you haven’t done much whitewater then all of the boats we are talking about will present you with a steep learning curve. Some people find that fun. Others find it frustrating.

X or EZG
Well, actually ZI have almost no whitewater experience, I want a boat better than entry level so I dont have to upgrade to a new one within a year. I dont mind the steep curve but I don’t want anything that is going to be really hard to learn on

playboats can make life…interesting

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If you are just starting out river running and you do not have a river roll, a playboat could make your whitewater experience less than pleasant. You have to be constantly aware of your edges as well as your boat trim so that you aren't accidentally flipped or stern squirted. They are a little more difficult to roll at first until you get used to them. A good solid river runner would be a nice place to start and then you can branch to playboating if you so desire. An EZG for $300 really is a steal. It would run rivers better than the Ace I would assume but it is still technically a playboat. Heck, if you don't want it, I'll take the EZG for that price, seriously! I did start whitewater in a river runner (Dagger GT) and never regretted it. I still use it on new runs or during high water but I use my playboat for most things now as my comfort level in it has increased with experience.

edited to add: The X is a true river runner and would be a much better kayak to start on. You don't really outgrow these kinds of kayaks but rather you get bored and start looking for different ways to have fun on the river. I can guarantee that regardless what kayak you buy right now, a couple years from now, you will probably have other boats in your fleet whether it is a radical playboat, a creeker, etc. (that EZG 50 still is selling for a GREAT price and I think you should buy it and sell it to me!) Heck, if it's in good shape, do you want to trade it for a Dagger GT 7.8? :)