Achilles tendon soreness/ inflammation

Gday, I have some tendonitis on my left leg (Achilles). I have found that it is quite sore after kayaking. I wear the stiff-soled Mirage neoprene booties when I am kayaking. I suspect that I don’t have the foot pegs in the most suitable position and will adjust the position (further forward) and check they have the same spacing.

Has anyone else had achilles tendon issues from kayaking and, what did you find helped to reduce/ avoid it please? Thanks!

To treat tendonitis at home, use rest, ice, compression and elevation. This treatment can help speed recovery and help prevent more problems. Rest. Avoid doing things that increase the pain or swelling. If not severe it may still take more than 2 weeks to resolve.

All you can do at this stage is try to determine the cause. After the pain and swelling resolves , exercises to strengthen the calf muscles to reduce the strain on the tendon are often prescribed, but you must avoid reinjuring the tendon. If severe, consultation with an orthopedist specializing in sports medicine may be advisable.

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When using my summer footwear which has very little heel protection, I have to put a pad down under my feet in the heel area or the Achilles will get inflamed.

It has never been a problem with NRS paddling booties (3 different versions) which I wear in cool/cold weather paddling. Agree with your idea to adjust your footpegs - trial and error with different positions to see if it gets better or worse.

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thanks for the tips

Thanks for the tips. My neoprene boots have pretty good heel protection. Interesting it is only an issue with one leg but it is most noticeable when paddling.

I suspect the position of the left foot peg is a notch closer than the right one. I will try some adjustments to make sure they are evenly spaced and slightly further forward.

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Similar to you, my issue occurs only on one foot; in my case on the right Achilles.