ACK! My W.S. day hatch lid sank! Help!

I took my new (to me) Cape Horn 15 out for a first spin today. I realized my keys were still in my pocket and jabbing be in the thigh, so I attempted to transfer them to the day hatch. As soon as I lifted the lid, it slipped out of my hand and sank. Yes, it was a stupid move. At least my keys are safe.

The cover is an old style Wilderness Systems screw in lid with attached internal bag. Is there any hope of me finding a replacement lid? Or replacement hatch? I’ll give W.S. a call in the morning, but if any of you have suggestions, I’d GREATLY appreciate it.



Everyone knows…
…you don’t really USE a day hatch… it’s just some kind of Brit boat snob appeal thing.

Gaping hole…
Even though in theory the day hatch liner will keep water out of my rear hatch, I think I’d really rather have it covered! Yes, that bit of glue on the hatch lid was probably for a long lost piece of foam.



They make many screw in deck hatches with bags. If you can’t get a replacement from Wildly check the boat stores…

Temporary fix and tethering

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For future reference, if it is the usual 8" round for a day hatch and you can find someone who handles this (someplace like Sea Kayak Georgia?), you can get quite robust temporary replacements for hatch covers. If not, you may be able to dig around the archives here and find threads about how to make your own - I'm pretty sure I've seen it come by. Or carry bungie and a garbage bag, very temporary but it's gotten more than one boat home.

And if you want to look at tethering the hatch, check out the current thread "Tethering hatches?" by pikabike. There are some ideas in there that should work for screw-on hatch covers.

Not usual modern W.S. covers.
If you mean by “usual”, a small “Tupperware” style day hatch lid as seen on the Tempests and Tsunamis, then no, my boat has an unusual hatch. My boat is an older Wilderness Systems design with neoprene main hatch covers and a small, screwed in deck plate style day hatch with integral internal sock. Think of a small dry bag with a screw lid and flange bolted to / through a hole in the back deck. The lid sealed by way of a small rubber gasket on the hatch body.



Also check with local dealers…
as many SOTs use screw deck hatches, some with bags.

Check out Beckson

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hatches at

If it looks like what you have (without the bag) you can general get or order these at most marine stores like West Marine or Boaters World. You will have an extra deck fitting but at least you would have your screw in lid.


Check this link
to Harmony accessories… Not sure if it is the right size or not…but Harmony is part of the big Confluence family, so many accessories for WS, Perception, Dagger, etc can be gotten from Harmony.

Good luck!

If All Else Fails…

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...check the marine supply stores for inspection ports - they come in various sizes, and are usually just riveted in place(use SS rivets). They are very similar to those used on the Cape Horn...and that bit of foam that was missing - flotation for the screw-in cover, of course :->))

try Murrays

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the sale catamaran parts. Look for "Ports"

This may be what your looking for. You can download a catolog that has better photos in you need them.

They are very good to deal with and have been in business for many years.