Acquired a couple used kayaks....

Hi ! I’m new to this forum and have some questions about hatch covers. I picked up a couple used kayaks and am having trouble with 2 things. Kayak #1 is a Cobra 19 fiberglass ocean kayak. It’s in great shape except for the two missing hatch covers. They’re 8 inches across and have a lip for the cover to snap over, I’ve haven’t bad any success looking online. Any ideas ?

Kayak #2 is a plastic Cobra “Tourer” with no hatch gaskets and a broken T handle. I found a T handle and the gaskets online so both the A hatches are good now. The problem is the 10" round hatch, it’s frozen solid and the handles broken off. Any tricks to get that cover off ? I tried to spin the latch by grabbing the nub that was left, no go, solid. Next move is drill a hole and sabre saw it into pieces unless you guys give me some secret haha. Thanks


Tap All Around With Rubber Mallet
Shoot some silicone spray generously, wait, tap again, and then try to unscrew (chisel like) with flat head screwdriver and hammer. Should budge and loosen?

Acquired a couple used kakyaks

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Will try the silicone spray, already tried the 2 screwdrivrs digging into the plastic and hammering it around method. Nothing, just made bigger holes where the screwdrivers were dug in. I'll give the silicone spray a whirl thanks

Have you considered
Is it possible that the previous owner might have epoxied the hatch cover in due to frustration of it leaking?


1- that it’s not mechanically held on by a broken latch system. I’m not familiar your boat so I don’t know how the cover is intended to be secured.


2- it’s not been permenently secured (as pointed out above) by a well intentioned previous owner.

Then maybe, by heating the hatch cover, it may expand enough to pop free. I would start by putting wet, cold towels around the perimeter of the hatch. Then very slowly and carefully (wearing protective gear) pour very hot water onto the hatch cover. Exercise extreme caution, no kayak hatch is worth a burn.

Additionally, you might contact the manufacturer. Occasionally, they are still in business and actually helpful.

Good luck and be safe!


I didn’t realize you had a screw in/out hatch.

This may be helpful:

Acquired a couple used kayaks
Thanks for the help ! I found 2 rubber hatch covers for the Cobra 19 at topkayak online. I siliconed the circle hatch and test drove the Tourer, all good. But it would be nice to have access to dry storage while on board. The silicone peels off easily enough. I’m guessing the 2 little arrows need to be lined up to remove it ? It needs to spin about 1/4" for that too happen. I’m curious how the center T - handle works, it’s in the center of the hatch. I’ve found replacement hatches but no pics of the underside to see whats goin on under there. Is it possible to post pics on this forum ? And thanks again for the replies.

Call TopKayaker
Tom is the guy who runs the show at TopKayaker. Give him a call, he’s always been extremely helpful.

Acquired a couple of used kayaks
The rubber covers for the Cobra came today ! I put them on and… are they supposed to fit snug and “Snap” into place ? Do they shrink ? Hahaha. They fit over the top but it’s hardly a tight fit. I see there’s a groove in around the edge where I guess a bungees or drawstring looks like it would go. I’ll try a loop of bungee cut to s size where it compresses it hopefully tight enough. I suppose I could gain a little diameter by adding a few wraps of 10 mil or electrical tape, it doesn’t have to fly to the moon lol. Like they are they fit over but it’s far from tight, they’ll fall off if it goes wrong side up haha. That’s easy though looking forward to getting in the water, it’s whale season here, we’re fairly excited lol. Will report back, and thanks again for the help/support, Bill