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Grammar Nazi? I may be in love. lol

I think rcohn is right - it's an initialization.

I notice the misuse of "acronym" all the time (tech writer here). Even large companies get it wrong.

I thought SOF
was “short on finances”

I’m beginnning to see the light
I produce proposals for the company I work for (layout & design, not writing). Every one we produce has an “Acronym List.” Knowing what I know now, the acronyms are usually just initialisms. Maybe I’ll bring this point up on the next one. : )

Just had to say it. :slight_smile:

Susan, I hope you can get that to fly. I’m always impressed when I see the rare company that gets it right. Even Microsoft gets that wrong.

Some people believe in the “usage” theory of the English language… that popular usage dictates the correct definition. I totally disagree with that. Right is right, wrong is wrong.

And if we start changing things based on “popular usage”, then we’ll eventually just need to make a NEW name for what USED to be called an acronym. It gets ridiculous.

after that
and no profile???