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I apologize. I must show my ignorance. What does “SOF” mean?

I see the term used pretty often but have not seen it spelled out. I also have been unable to divine its meaning through context.

I know “SOT” is “Sit-on-top” and “SINK” is “Sit-in Kayak” or something similar. But what the heck is a SOF?



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Thanks a bunch!
I appreciate all the help I can get. : )

no no no
Its Solder of fortune…

Is it really an Acronym?
It is if you prounounce it “soff”, but if you spell it out “S-O-F” it’s not an acronym, it’s an abbreviation.

-Mark, Grammar Nazi

Surly Old Farts
There are a lot of SOFs here. :wink:

Ah, yes …

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abbreviation. I've heard of that, at least. : )


(Use No Acronyms)


Start Out Fast…
It’s the motto of a kayak club I intend to start some day: the Fraternal Union of Coastal Kayakers.

Initially many abbreviative terms…
only defy definitive study (IMATODDS), but on closer considerative inspection (BOCCI) one has a ball organizing acronymous thought (OHABOAT).

Or not.

But, you take that young SOF as a Soldier-of-Fortune in for some new out-fiiting, and you go visit that Moil over on the P-net observational incite thread, knife insured delivery (MOOTPOINTKID), giving that moil offers of wine inducements to operate fast and furiously (MOWITOFF), and suddenly (perhaps loudly, too) you have neither a Soldier-of-Fortune (SOME is more like it, for Soldier-of-Misfortunate-Event) nor a skin-on-frame.

Well, whadda I know, I’m just silly old Tom (SOT).

By the way, I still can’t seem to find the official spelling for “moil.” But, since “moil” is defined as confusion, turmoil, slave, to toil in turmoil, and moyle or moile is defined as a kind of high shoe anciently worn, I think the shoe is not on any foot right or wrong, and we’re likely gettin’ to the pointlessness of matters.

Thanks, too!
I was wondering what that meant…


SCUBA Suited Penguin
= Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

SOF = Sit On Face

That’s all I can think of right now.

here’s a 2 more…
SONAR = Sound Navigation and Ranging

RADAR = Radio Detection and Ranging

Don’t forget

Actually, may be an initialism

BUFF, SLUF, FIGMO,BOHICA,JEEP… to name a few more…

When I’m stumped by an acronym I go to:

Acronym finder lists 22 definitions for SOF … and not one of them is Skin On Frame! WUWT?

I’ll join that club!
Augustus Dogmatycus


Whew! There’s somethin weird, and yet…
…apropos about a S.O.T. that translates as:

Shortening of Thrust (Wyckoff Trading Theory).

And just who are those Special Occupational Taxpayers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms?


(Well, save one)


-Frank in Miami