ACS Seat for Necky Manitou 13

Hey everyone, new guy here. Girlfriend got me into kayaking last year, loved it, figured I’d pick one up since I live 5 minute walk from Lake Ontario. Found a Necky Manitou 13 for $600, thought it was a pretty decent deal. Picked it up, the thing was pretty disgusting. The inside looked like it was sunk in a swamp then never cleaned out. Spent a full day cleaning the bugger out and pretty much good as new.

Looking at the seat though, I knew something was off. It wasn’t flat like what I saw on the Manitou II in stores. I’m sure mine is an older model, it’s solid red which I haven’t seen on Necky’s site or any of the stores around here. Mine is concave, slid around a bunch the straps weren’t held by the screws. I took everything apart, hosed it down and reassembled it like I’ve seen in stores. Everything but the seat is fixed. I’ll put a link to a drawing I did to give you an idea but I can post pictures maybe tomorrow. It’s dark and I’m exhausted moving that thing around all day haha.

So on the top view, I showed what the bottom frame of the seat looks like or something close to it. The seat itself has 2 knobs(red) that slot into the frame to keep it from sliding back and forth. The bottom of the seat also has a piece(red) for the strap(green) and in the store model it’s hooked into the frame almost like teeth. On mine, if I slot the teeth together the knobs don’t line up. If I line the knobs where they SHOULD go, it isn’t wide enough to be tucked under the frame and the teeth are stacked. The knobs have to go into different holes in the frame and it squishes the seat.

This is probably really confusing so I apologize but I was wondering if anyone has a Manitou 13 and can give some insight to this issue? When I sit on it, it squishes down and is pretty comfortable so far but it’s bothering me the seat isn’t the way it’s designed to be.

I wouldn’t sweat it
If the seat stays in place and its comfortable, I would not be concerned at all that it doesn’t look like another verson you’ve seen. Kayak makers change their seat designs all the time and many of us use gerry-rigged or homemade modifications… As long as what you have is workable, just use it and fuggadabottit ( as the “wise guys” say.).

Makes sense.
Yea it does feel comfortable for the 20 mins I was in it in my garage. I mean I was texting people, wasn’t just sitting in it haha. I guess I’ll just let it be for now, just odd how different it is with the same seat system.

In support of
Willowleaf’s comment about manufacturers changing seat design, my first boat was a Necky Rip, purchased new. Within two weeks I had broken a footbrace and the seat.

Johnson Outdoors (manufacturer) sent me a replacement footbrace and seat - but the seat was completely different than what came with the boat. Turned out it was a better seat than the original.