ACSKE/Mission 22 - In the Drink (again)

I don’t remember who it was that initially commented on this endeavour, but I’ve been checking the blog occasionally since it was brought to my attention.

Here’s the link to the most recent post as of writing this one:

Read the comment that someone else made on the posting. It pretty much sums up my thoughts on it. I’m sure others have felt the same way but have been unwilling to be the one to say anything.

One thing’s for sure, Joseph Mullin is not one to give up easily. Of all the things that have gone wrong on his voyage, he is a testament to perseverance. For this, he has gained my respect from afar. However, when this was first brought up I (and others alike) commented on the lack of required preparation and skills for such a trip, and it seems to be playing out predictably given those facts. I would hate for Mr. Mullin’s goal of raising awareness for Mission 22 to be accomplished by his own “suicide” by kayaking.