Action Cams

I got an action cam for xmas. Looking forward to recording paddling trips. How do you with cams mount them? I’m looking at several ideas.

suction cup mount for GoPro or head mount.

what camera is it you got?

my friend has one that swivels nicely. Not sure on brand gopro swivel sucks

I use Railblaza brand mounts.

It’s a knock-off GoPro style camera that uses the same mounts. Came with a bunch of mounting hardware. I’m thinking of creating some kind of over-the shoulder mount on the stern. Maybe something I can mount in a rod holder.

@Raftergirl said:
I use Railblaza brand mounts.

tons of stuff there

I use the Fat Gecko vise mount with the extension kit for my canoe, but you can get the suction cup system as well. I use my Pentax Optio for video, so these have a standard camera mount. The dual swiveling heads let you get the camera level no matter where you mount it.

Think I will get the Fat Gecko one thanks. I need the suction cup base also. I also need to get an adapter from 1/4-20 thread to the gopro mount as hero 5 doesn’t have female 1/4-20

After several fails with suction mounts, I moved to Railblaza. Terrific system!

I always tether the camera mount to a deck line. I knocked it off once launching from high dock.

ordered a adaptor to make my gopro mount able to use my camera requiring 1/4-20 and a 360* rotating adapter on ebay. total was about 27 bucks.

If it does not have a remote, you need it to be within reach. Mounted to helmet is always good. If the camera is heavy, stick it up top (like a teletubby). If not as heavy, you could move it toward the front (like a miner) or on side (like borg).

I’ve done it right in front of me on deck, but that has limits and it often gets in the way of paddle strokes.

If it has a remote, mounting on front deck aiming at you provides an interesting perspective. Or on pole behind you aiming forward.

Suction cups work on many composite boats, but not plastic. Plastic requires glue or bolt. Use a leash no matter what.

I use a suction mount for my GoPro (with a tether) - never any release issues on my EDY thermoform boat. No remote; I just mount it on the bow or stern push the button when I launch. I groan when I watch the video shot from the bow - and sometimes am fascinated by what I see when it’s on the stern - like waves washing over the boat that I wasn’t aware of when it was happening (too concentrated on staying upright).

My experience is that waves sure look bigger in real time than they do on video.

Yea I laugh I use to say this will be great video. When I get home it looks like bath water. LOL I use to race offshore boats so I am a decent judge on wave heights. many in the offshore community gave themselves much more credit for racing in waves they thought were much bigger than reality.

I used the remote on my older gopro Probably get remote for hero 5 also even though voice command is decent. Nice to get some noises from waves and weather with the newer one.

Plastic boats like my SOT have little bumps on them to hide imperfections.

Thanks for the input. I don’t paddle whitewater, so no helmet. Might try one of the headband mounts over a baseball cap.

I think I’ll run a 1/4" bolt up through the deck in front of the cockpit to mount it facing forward. I could always spin it around to face back if I feel the need for face time.