Active Release Technique

Anybody tried it?

I’ve seen it written in both singular and plural forms, capitalized with trademark note added, and plain old lower-case without special marks.

From what little I’ve read, it is a form of physical therapy combined with massage in which the patient participates more actively than usual with either of the above. Sounds interesting for soft-tissue problems that might not need surgery.

Active release
Yes active release is an effective form of therapy , but not every client will have similar results. A therapist needs to determine based on the clients response which PNF techniques get the best results.

Active Release Technique

I suffered for about 18 months from an entrapped Ulnar nerve. This was caused due to my desk job, hunching/rounding of shoulders and I’m sure paddling did not help either. Active Release was the only thing I found that helped. It took about 4 months worth of sessions combined with rehab before I started to feel normal again. Happy to say that I now am back to paddling. I would suggest this for any soft tissue issues you may have…

My friend undergoes this type of
advanced pain management. He suffers from sever and chronic back pain. The Docs maxxed out his pain meds over a year ago. They put him on Methadone which helped somewhat but had to keep increasing the dosage to where it wigged him out. He still has debilitating pain. The touch-press method gives significant relief for a several hours.

Two or three times a year I’ll pull a muscle in my upper back that spasms and tugs painfully on its vertebra origin (often after an aggressive surf session). If I do nothing it’ll hurt quite a bit for 5 to 8 days before it resolves itself. A few years ago I met a chiropractor who was trained in ART. I let her do her thing during a particularly bad episode and she was able to essentially clear it on the spot. The pain immediately dropped 70 to 80% and was gone entirely the next day. Since then, for about three years now, I have her fix me up whenever it happens. I generally not a fan of “classic” chiropractics and I don’t let her crack me, but the ART really works for me for muscle spasm issues. Good luck.