adaptable rack for pickup truck

I have a 2007 Toyota Tacoma crew cab P/U truck with factory bedliner. During the winter I will have a very basic aluminum canopy, cab-high, covering the bed of the truck, c-clamped on at the rails.

Has anyone designed a canoe / kayak rack for a pickup that can be used both when the canopy is installed and when not installed? I would prefer not to be drilling any holes into my truck.


Bed extender
I have a small pickup and this is the setup I use. A bed extender with magnetic towing lights that plug right into my truck’s receptacle.

Kargo Master Econo Truck Rack
Here’s an option if you don’t want to carry in your truck bed. I saw this on a local Craigslist and this rack can be purchased at several businesses.

Oak Orchards
Oak Orchards has a very good system that I use.

I would look at a car-top
rack system on the cab only. If the bed is short you might not need any support back there.

Roof rack

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I use a regular roof rack, so I can have the cap on or off.