adaptive paddling

I’m starting an adaptive paddling program for folks with disabilities. I’m a certified ACA instructor, canoe and kayak. I have boats. Any ideas on how to reach this population? I work at a rehab center in upstate ny.

adaptive paddling
When Canoe and Kayak Magazine had their show on OLN they did a piece on a group in California that does just that. I don’t remember the name but if you contact the magazine they might be able to tell you and then you could contact them and find out how they did it.


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Contact other programs to make them aware of the opportunity. You may have to jump thru some hoops to satisfy them, but they have contacts. Some kinds of groups to contact:

rehab facilities/programs
Paralyzed Vets of America
Therapeutic horsebackriding programs
Camp to Belong
Public schools
Americans with Disabilities
Special Olympics
Associations for various impairments (sight,hearing, MS, mobility, etc.)

I would probably start with the ACA, because you aren't the first person to do this. Also, paddleshops and medical supply places may be willing to keep your info on hand. You may also be able to set up a booth at a paddlefest.

Some of these groups may be able to help you with insurance, etc.

What got you interested in this pursuit? I think it's a great idea. Best wishes on a successful program!

2/4 Oops...just reread your post and saw that you work in a rehab facility. Brain freeze. See if they will let you leave some pamplet racks by the receptionist desk. More professional and less messy than a stack of flyers.

I’m going to get a friend
who has MS to paddle this summer. We both can’t wait! I can’t wait til I see the look on his face when he doesn’t have to think about the fact that he doesn’t need his legs to paddle!

Here’s a link for you.
This gentleman may have some ideas:

Great idea, but
Make sure you both are acutely aware of any equilibrium problems. My MSer used to have some real balance problems. It wasn’t just because her legs quit working, dizziness is just an unfortunate part of the disease. A lot of MS quirks can be delt with if you know beforehand what they are and what to do.


The logo has the best idea yet. Duh, (dope slap)who’d a thought of using a tandem?

adaptive paddling
I’m a physical therapist, and one day while paddling thought, how can I get paid to be in my canoe? Eventually, I got here! Although canoes are my preference, I’m learning to tolerate those other little plastic boats, what are they called? Oh yea, kayaks. We do several adaptive sports here, basketball, curling, track events, but this is the first program where we really can teach people to continue on their own, without the need for support. Water truly is a great equalizer!

Adaptive Paddling
I am a counselor with the Texas Commission for the Blind and I think contacting the corresponding organization in NY would be a good start. There are similar programs in Texas which are operated by individuals who contract with the state for such services. That might be a good start and people with visual impairments are great candidates for such activities. Thanks for thinking about folks with disabilities!