Adaptive Reuse of Ladder Rack

Old, injured, but new to kayak fishing, I bought a pedal drive and a ladder rack for my Toyota Tacoma pickup. Instant success - first launch I had a double digits schoolie striper afternoon on a fly rod in the fog, but reloading the truck was no fun solo. I am usually fishing solo. Why lift/carry that high?
I ordered a Darby bed extender, and plan to have an unused ladder rack. I also needed a storage rack for the summer. I wanted this storage rack at tailgate height, for easy transfer. As I was taking the ladder rack off the truck, I had this idea. I figure that if I need to use the ladder rack for both boats, someone will be along to help me load them.

You need a trailer for those heavy things. If you follow the example of most kayak fishermen you’ll equipment up those so much the trailer will be necessary for upright carry.