Add a hatch to Perception Tribe 13.5?

Can a hatch be added to the Perception Tribe 13.5 kayak? It has the front and rear tank wells but no hatches… and that is the only feature this affordable kayak is lacking.

So… can one be added? I am not sure what is required for the addition of such?


Conceptually you could install something like

However even the smallest 4" size requires a 6.125 inch diameter FLAT area to mount it.

It’s not clear that a big enough flat area exists on the Tribe from looking at the pictures. Every surface looks curvy.

That’s what I was thinking. :\ I was hoping someone out there knew for sure.

you might be able to
fit a 4" hatch in the flat D-shaped areas in front of the seats. not sure how much clearance is under there, we were looking to do the same on a 11.5