Add a third bulkhead to my Nordkapp?

I removed the old Chimp pump from behind the cockpit and put a deck port hatch there. Now I’m looking at that odd space behind the seat and under the deck and wondering if I should put a third bulkhead in there to reduce cockpit volume and gain more floatation. Any thoughts? Is it better to keep that space open? A 5" deck plate doesn’t provide much access.

ps. anybody want that old chimp? works. suitable for framing.

I wouldn’t think it would be worth the trouble…
Sort of make a day hatch which is difficult at best to access one while on the water.

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More dry storage is a nice thing. I’ve done this . added a day hatch and another bulkhead to an older Nordkapp. {removed the chimp pump}

I even added another bulkhead and a hatch on my three piece Nordkapp.
It was so I could place a foot pump and also access the bolts for assembly using short wrenches and not need another person with a socket and a long extension. Gives me another dry compartment in front of my feet.!

Would you consider selling your chimp pump or do you know where I can get parts for one? I have an old one on my called and you like to replace the hinges.

Sounds good. I’ll have to check out the private message thing here and get back to you.

I replaced the Chimp pump in my Nordkapp with a day hatch and added a bulkhead that I made by laminating a few layers of fiberglass. Having day storage was a lot more useful than the pump.