Add a visor to helmet

P-netters, can you give me a recommendation/source for a visor that I can velcro to my Pro-tec Helmet? I think it’s a Water Ace model. I found a soft visor somewhere on the net, but was looking for a stiff one. Seems to me that I’ve seen someone with a nice one that fit with velcro.

I’m counting on ya…the sun gets to these old eyes. I can wear a ball cap under the helmet, but it gets pretty soggy.


Salamandar makes a velcro visor for helmets. They sell them at the Nantahala Outdoor Center.

Pics of soft Salamander

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I have the Salamander velcro-on visor and love it. Here are three pics of mine. You can see how well it shades the eyes. I have swam through some pretty hairy rapids in this and it never has been a problem. As a matter of fact i think the soft is better as it flips up when i am being flushed and then pops back down when i come up. It also is very foregiving when I stuff the helmet in my paddle bag. I picked mine up at NOC.

Good Luck

depending on how hard you want it
you could easily cut the brim off a hat and velcro that on for a stiff brim…

a bunch of guys i know use a mesh baseball hat…with a supplex brim…sometimes having a hard brim is not goo…the softer ones/or ones that are velcroed on can be ripped off in case of an impact…there are lots of guys out there doing ww who swear against hard brimmed helmets for a impact causing a neck impingement as the brim stays against a rock but you keep moving…kayak whiplash…