Add floatation to a REALLY small kayak

I have an Emotion Comet (8’3") that comes standard with a stern float bag. The kayak doesn’t have any bulkheads (too small), and since I’m 6’1" the foot pegs are pushed out as far as they’ll go towards the bow. That leaves me with exactly about 13"x20"x13" space in the bow where I could cram some extra floatation. I can’t seem to find any float bags that small but I know I can make some myself. I have a whole can of I forget what, hypalon or something like that for use with pvc and rubber. The area is too small for me to probably ever cram some gear, so I was also thinking about just injecting a big plug of Great Stuff foam in there as well. Has anyone used Great Stuff to add permanent floatation? Am I better off custom-making a float bag for that space. I’m asking all this because I was playing around with this kayak (just got it), and naturally I flooded it completely. It was fun trying out some self rescue techniques to see what would work. The floatation in the stern only seems to seriously compromise what you can do in terms of self rescue. If you get a lot of water in the boat it’s a bear getting it out with only a pump an no rescue help. I’m wondering if the extra float bag in the bow would help some. Also, I’m planning on putting in some foam blocks to make the cockpit fit a little tighter too, but I’m pretty sure those won’t add any appreciable floatation. Suggestions?

Spray Foam
is not Great Stuff when it comes to kayak flotation. It’s really a construction adhesive and will slowly become waterlogged if used in contact with water for long periods. It’s also very hard to get out once it’s sprayed in your boat. Stick with float bags.

You can use a bow bag larger than the area needed to be filled and inflate the bag eonugh to fill the space. Gaia makes several smaller bags that should work for your boat. Check them out at Campmor. I have two Gaia bags in my Loon. They’re more than 5 years old and still work well.

Float bags all the way
I really didn’t want to use spray foam for the primary reason that I wouldn’t ever be able to use that space, even for a small dry bag should I ever want to. A float bag is definitely the way to go. I hadn’t thought of getting a small one and not inflating it all the way. I suppose that would work okay.

How about these?,%20Vinyl,%20Silver

The little bags look just the ticket
Too bad it seems like you can only get them in a set. Of course the kayaks already have large stern float bags but I guess getting the set means I get the two little float bags and a couple big spares for if I need them to replace the stock ones some day. Thanks for the heads-up.