Add latex neck seal to semi dri suit?

I have a Palm Semi dry suit which works well until I take a swim in the rapids. I then have a very wet,cold experience. Has anyone ever added a latex neck seal to a semi dri suit? Did it work. It would save me about $650. I don’t want to try it unless it has a decent chance of working as my semi dri suit is in good condition.

I don’t know any reason why it would
not work. Just get a kit with a gasket appropriate for your size and follow directions. You might be able to glue the new gasket to the remaining rim of the neoprene gasket you cut out.

I have a Palm semi-drytop, but my problem with the neoprene gaskets is that they can’t be trimmed and they don’t stretch. I doubt my neck gasket would leak water, but it might strangle me.

Dive Shop Techie…
…might be able to tell you - they work on drysuit seals all the time.

I don’t know the Palm suits or their fabrics, but if you can get a solid glue joint between the latex gasket and the fabric, why wouldn’t it? The only problem that occurs to me would be if the adhesive somehow damaged the fabric - maybe ask Palm via email what adhesive they use with their replacement seals…

Add one with the neoprene seal
Dry suits often have neoprene collars over their latex seals, so why not just add a latex seal under your existing neoprene seal? Your latex seal will last longer and you’ll have a backup seal of sorts for when the latex fails, as they always do over time.

That sounds pretty smart to me (NM)