add relief zip

I am thinking about adding a zipper to my NRS paddle pants. Hesitant to cut a big hole in good pants but would like the convenience of the zip and not having to partially disrobe .My dry suit spoiled me! I Was going to use a Water resistant “pocket” zipper and seam tape . Anybody tried this?


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You might find some information here:

Edit: These maybe only about dry suits though

add the zip
I had read that thread. I have a dry suit with zip and thats why I want to modify the light weight paddle pants. Most of my paddling would be considered fitness paddling done early Sat and Sun mornings. Probably wouldn’t be a concern if I didn’t swill most of a pot of coffee before I go.!

regular zipper
I’ve sewn and modified my own gear and paddling clothing for years. I don’t think I would bother with a wetsuit type sealing zipper for paddling pants because such zippers tend to be stiff and bulky, and paddling pants aren’t really immersion waterproof anyway. I would just use a decent quality light or mid weight nylon coil zipper from a sewing store and place a velcro flap over it to keep splash out. If you go into the drink, water is going to come up the cuffs and over the waistband anyway. A slowly leaking zipper would not be a major issue.