Addendum to Paddlers First Aid Kit

Great thread Mario.

Ok gang. Sounds like an interesting topic. The bigger question I have is, what does everone use to keep their kit in? Aside from the purchased kits, whats yours stored in and how do you pack it in your gear?

I made mine myself. Smaller kit stays in my bucket. Its packed in a small purse like device, maybe 5x7 in size w/ closable zipper, but its real cluttered. I like organization. My bigger kit is in a personal travel pack, almost like a small toiletries bag, but its to big, hard to pack, but my stuff is organized.

Curious to your ideas.


Bought a comprehensive
first aid kit for paddlers came either without case, pelican box or nylon/clear vinyl dry bag.

The dry bag option has worked well for me.

I get the prize for most unique.
My wife is a surgical nurse and brought home a plastic, waterproof, gasketed, and threaded jar about the size of a wide mason jar.

It is what prosthetic eyeballs are shipped in.

Our day one came in a small waterproof box.

The one my wife made up is in a clear dry bag, and she painted a red cross on it.



i have a small yellow seal line
drybag that gets packed every time I go out. It goes in my dayhatch. It’s actually a “bailout” bag. It has the first aid kit, inside it’s own zippered pouch. Another OR zip bag with, a flashlight, a compass, matches, a firestarter log, a knife, some rope and a tarp. I would like to add a survival blanket too. I have to buy one from the army navy store yet. I may add some water purification tablet s in the near future too.

Welders rod holder
I use a welders rod holder its heavy duty plastic and has a rubber o-ring in the screw down top it is water tight and holds every thing I need. I also have one for my VHF radio

And GPS they are cheap and will last for years.

Would you believe…
I have one sitting in front me as I read this.

A friend of mine who used to be a welder put me onto them about fifteen years ago.

We use ours for a tool kit, and used to use it as our first aid kit.