Adding a backband...

… and other related outfitting tips.

It’s finally time for me to replace the (admittedly) pretty bad seatback that came stock on my QCC 400. I know the topic has been addressed in general here before, but I’m specifically curious as to what backband fellow QCC owners have chosen, and why.

In addition, I’d like to do some fitting in the cockpit, as it’s a bit too wide for me to really feel snug in. I’m happy enough with the SealLine footpeg setup, but would like better fitting cheek plates and thigh braces. I use an inflatable cushion under my thighs to help alleviate leg numbness, but it moves around and isn’t all that helpful.

So, what’s the consensus,


both are good. I prefer the smaller ones (sometimes listed as being for whitewater), but with the wider and higher decked 400 the taller touring style should be fine too.

You could always trade up to a Q600 or 700. That way you won’t need as much foam to adjust the fit!

I’ve got the NSI touring
backband in my 500, but I’m planning on switching to the NSI whitewater (5 1/4 inches high) in my 700 that’s on order.

I’m planning on getting the version without the ratchet!


Snapdragon is good, too
The only metal parts are the grommets. I believe this is a “WW” band also. Whatever–it is comfortable, unobtrusive yet supportive when needed.

I put
I put an bomber gear wicked backband in my 700 works well.

Watch the corrosion on the cam buckles
especially in salt water - or so I’ve heard.

True dat
If I can find the darn thing I’ll sell it for $5. I’m sure it’s very nice in fresh water.

Remember that NSI uses all stainless except for the pins and will make one up special for you for no extra charge in all stainless. So go to you dealer right now and buy Snapdragon, or a NSI, on an IR; they are all good. I chose NSI for my sea kayaks because I like a medium size (stay away away fron the touring one if you want to become a sea kayaker, works fine to sit in a boat). My quasi-surf boat has an IR reggie in it because it fits! I love every snapdragon product I own (and that is four skirts) but never have seen their backbands. Might have bought one if I did.

Or take the advice of my betters and just glur in minicell for back support!

My wife is also…
going to have to redo her 600 cockpit.

Do you get the backbands off the net, or do outfitters carry them?

I lucked out. My 700 fits perfectly.

Thanks in advance.


JackL - Dump the seat anyway
Q700’s much better without that mushy camp chair! It’s about function more than just fit.

Ive done both
I’ve done for two and New england small craft (local outfitter )for three, and charlees river canoe and kayak for one. go local if you can got net if no stock locally and you need the thing this month!

BTW how you liking the 700! was there any adjustment?

Love to see a review!

Absolutely no adjustment.
It is the best surfing yak that I have ever paddled.

There is absolutely no squirellyness (to coin a word) coming off large trailing whitecaps.

Everyone was right when they said it was a fast yak.

Now if it only had a fast paddler in it!

My wife’s 600 needs tons of cockpit changes to get her right, and QCC is working with us to make it right.



Now stop me from buying one till this pirate takes a large prize, or three!