Adding a Bulkhead

I want to add a forward bulkhead to my Pungo 14, I plan to use a sheet of closed cell “outfitters” foam and cement it in place then apply a bead of silicon around the edge. Anyone who has done this and has any suggestions I’d be glad to hear from you. Thanks Dan

use 3M 5200
instead of silicone and you don’t even need to glue. just give it a few days to set up.

you can use stiff wire or solder to make the pattern and get the basic shape, then transfer to cardboard for fit.

good luck


adhesive, etc
clear Excel is the adhesive/sealant of choice (it’s what Wildenerness Systems used to put into their bulkhead kits, back when they sold them). The interior of the boat where the bulkhead will be affixed has to be roughed up with 80 grit sandpaper first to allow for some ‘tooth’ for the adhesive.

adhesive for bulkhead
Either of the two adhesives previously mentioned will work great, but here’s another option I recommend Sikaflex 291 adhesive sealant, basically it is the same as 5200 but it will dry in 12-18 hours instead of the three days it takes the 5200 to dry. In over a decade of use I have never seen the Sika fail. You can get it at most good marine stores.

For a really neat job, use masking tape on both the perimeter of the bulkhead and just outside the “contact area” on the inside of the hull. The excess sealant that oozes out can then me scaped off neatly with a tongue depressor leaving no mess. Then just pull off the tape and you will have a really neat looking job.


Lexel also works
I have had excellent success with Shasco “Lexel” which can be found at True Value hardware stores. Its a clear sealant sold in caulk gun tubes and also hand squeeze tubes. Works great on Poly boats. I bought my bulkhead eathafoam from NRS. Impala Bob

I think you mean "Lexel"
Yes, it’s good for installing bulkheads.

You’ll need a hatch, too…

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...unless the boat already has one. You don't want to create a sealed compartment without access to it and a way to vent pressure changes.

If you email me, I'll send you some written instructions for making and installing bulkheads.

…yup, you’re right. That’s what I get for typing while NOT under the influence (of caffeiene, that is…)