adding a drainage plug in a kayak

Has anyone ever drilled a drainage plug in the stern of a WS 145T? Is this advisable to drill it into the rear deck and plug it? My new kayak does not have one…how do yuo get the excess water out? Are there any kits out there?

Am I missing a part of the big picture or did I misinterpret your question? Why would you want to risk ruining a perfectly good SINK by adding a drain plug? All you need to do is for you and your mate to turn the yak upside down, roll it several times forwards, backwards, and sideways. You can then finish soaking up any remaining H2O with a sponge.

You also might consider taking paddling lessions which would help you to discover a better stroke that would bring less water into your yak.

leak waiting to happen
just turn the boat upside down. i definitely wouldn’t drill a hole in a kayak for the purposes of getting water out … sounds like a leak waiting to happen.

Depends on the kayak
I put a drain plug in the top rear deck of our two Keowees ((9’ rec kayaks) and it was the best thing I ever did to them.

The drains are made so they will never leak.

With out one you can tip the yak over all you want to and never be able to slosh all the water out.

The drain make it much quicker than sponging it out.

They are inexpensive and easy to install.

I highly recommend them for all similar type kayaks.



I put one in a boat
that didn’t have a front bulkhead. West Marine has a kit that’s identical to and cheaper than the ones from a kayak supplier.


Use a good sponge.
And put her upside down. Raise one end momentarily. Whatever. You can sponge it out well enough.

Harmony drain plug kits may still be
available. They use screws with expanding rubber washers so that there is no need to hold the nuts with needle nose pliers or similar devices.

Sea kayaks are often relatively easy to drain, but WW kayaks often drain poorly. On the other hand, it is much easier to tip a WW kayak up on end after loosening the drain plug.

One can usually NOT expect help from a “mate” or friend to dump out WW kayaks. The others will still be in their boats, laughing and taking pictures.

Oh, and drain plugs will not leak, but your “mates” or friends may loosen them for you when you are not looking.

I just installed a drain plug in the nose of my Looksha Sport, but my main purpose was to gain an interior tie point for the nose of the front float bag. (My Sport has a rear bulkhead, but no front bulkhead.)

Those are the ones that
I had installed.