Adding a front bulkhead to a pungo 140

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Does anyone know if WS makes a front bulkhead for the Pungo 140? If I could find some of the foam material they use, I could probably make one. This boat has a huge area in the front that is acessable through a watertight hatch, but without a bulkhead this space is usless for carrying gear because it will get soaked. I am thinking about taking this boat on a camping trip this summer and I may need the additional storage capacity.

we are also looking into thev same thing and as soon as we get some answers we will contact you South Wind Kayak center in santa ana ca, says it can be done contact them for further info.

It would be much easier to just use a dry bag. Plus, its also a good idea to put a floatation bag up there. If you capsize, I believe the front will sink.

There was a great how-to written
on the Wilderness Systems forum by Scott, their moderator, about this very thing, and has been referenced here quite a few times. Maybe Scott could hit on it again so all of us can read it…oh wait…Scott no longer works there. Well, no matter. I’m sure they have a knowledgeable staff moderator on the forum now who could enlighten us…oh wait…the forum’s toasted. Oh well. I guess we’re on our own again (Bitter, table for one. Bitter, your table is waiting). Anyway, if I recall, there are a few regulars here that also posted on the forum who made the modification. Be patient and they will come.


I asked this same question.
I too asked this same question. Unfortunately, it was on a different board. Sorry Brent, nothing personal. I do much prefer Pnet.

Actually it has a big block of foam in the bow that will keep it from sinking. I wondered about this soon after I got the boat so I took it out in the river in front of my house and turned it over. It will stay afloat, but that is a lot of water to bail or pump out.

Dry bags
The front hatch on the 140 is kinda small. I think you’ll find buying some drybags to stuff in from the cockpit side better than adding a bulkhead.

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DIY foam bulkhead
Minicel foam is the material most commonly used for bulkheads. It’s available from many sources on the web and probably from your local kayak dealer(s). If you would like some instructions on making and installing a foam bulkhead, email me and I’ll send them to you.

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Pool Noodles…
Yeah, I know…chintzy. But; I installed em fore and aft in my perception america (I was going to do the bulkheads but w/o any hatches I was looking at a possible contamination problem if I couldn’t get any moisture out) Anyway, I installed the pool noodles (6 all togeather) fore and aft and tried the boat out…HUGE Difference in its floatability. I was able to do a solo reentry without simply sinking the boat (as had happened before the noodles)and there was two thirds less water/weight in it (did a drag ashore after capsizing test as well). Just a thought. The noodles have allowed me to do the Zoar Regatta in WNY (albeit with a spray skirt as well)with a lOT less worry about simply swamping.

Please do not put your baby in the
sealed compartment. You will suffocate her.

Did you just stuff the noddles in the bow and stern or glue them together ??