Adding a new flavor to the fleet

Most of my trips are flat water rivers and lakes, this years travels have had me in WW territory and I used a Zydeco 11 and Inuit 12.5 to run some 2&3 water with marginal results. The Zydeco is being re-tasked as an experimental parapalegic boat; and being replaced with a crossover.

I am looking at the Liquid logic Remix xp9, Jackson Rogue 9, and Dagger Approach 9. This boat will be used by me (5’10" 180lbs)in light WW (10%) and as a “kids boat” (90%) the rest of the time. I am a little skeptical about the reviews as none appear to be used in a true crossover manner. I am going to go test fit all of these boats.

Has anybody here done this? or have I gone crazy trying to multi task a boat to much?

You should be happy. One might need
more details about the kid(s) and the kid use to see whether they would be happy, too. I’ve seen kids quite happy in kayaks too large for them, even on the Chattooga, but it depends somewhat on the kid. (“Give it to Mikey, he’ll eat anything!”)


You say: “I am a little skeptical about the reviews as none appear to be used in a true crossover manner.”

Not sure what you mean – what is your concern more specifically?

Good all around boat.
I have a remix xp 10 and I’m fairly happy with it (I still prefer the canoe when the wind is down). It’s not the best boat for anything, but I can do class III and flat water with no problem. At my size (6’4" 300 lbs) my left leg goes to sleep after a while, but I think that could be taken care of by loosing 25 lbs.

You won’t win any races in this, but you can finish them all.

I have decided to punt at this time.
As the designated pack mule on family trips, getting a lower volume boat does not seem like a great idea; to try to fit me and “the crap” overloading a boat when my WW skills are marginal is not my best idea.

I think that I will wait for winter to hit and haunt the lists for used boats, and go to some WW shops for advice before pulling the trigger.