Adding a picture to your user profile

OK, I know it’s been brought up a couple of times in the past four years, but I can’t find the threads. How do you add the photo link in your personal profile here? Also, if I recall correctly, links to webshots come out really small, but others work well…which ones? Thanks.


Image tag

– Last Updated: Jan-09-05 11:58 PM EST –

Add a picture link by using an HTML image tag in the "comments" box. The size of the picture can be adjusted by specifying the width in pixels in the tag. The link to my picture looks like this:

img src="" width="300"

The tag needs to start with a < and end with a > . I can't show it that way here because this board rejects HTML in posts.

The image needs to be on a web server
and I don’t think you can call it from webshots.

Where’s the image? got a link to it? Let me know and I can email the code to you.

Thanks gents, got it.
This could be fun. :smiley:

There is a way to call from webshots
but you have to keep changing the location when they figure out what you are doing.