Adding a Rudder to a Wilderness Tchaika?

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Greetings All,

Just curious if a rudder can be added to a Wilderness Tchaika? It is one of the first models (built in 94/95). From looking at archived catalogs/material the newer models(starting in 2000?) had a factory rudder option.

It was offered starting in 98'

95' first run of them can be seen here:


If it is possible, not sure how I would stick my arm far enough the stern (through the 8" hatch hole) to use screws/nuts - would have to rivet it in? Would the standard Harmony Wilderness Rudder kit work for this application? On that note, what is the difference between rudder ready and the normal rudder kits by Harmony?


Most kayaks that need a rudder come with one. Have you had problems maintaining a course at sea? If you haven’t stop thinking about a rudder. Maybe you can work on your technique a little and won’t need one. A rudder wil usually not speed up the boat or help the looks either.

Don’t really want to add one…

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Don't really want to add one...but it's the better half's her boat, her call....

The original Tchaika did not offer it (95'), but it was offered starting in 98' and was sold until it may have been a needed/demanded option for some... ( )

If anyone has a Tchaika with a rudder, I would be most grateful if you could post or send pictures of it.