adding a sail to a Tarpon 140

I have a 14’ SOT Tarpon Kayak and I am interested in adding a sail. I saw a Hobie Mirage and liked the concept but I love my Tarpon. My go-to guy for problems didn’t think he could do it.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Sail kits are out there…
You need to have a rudder…

I’m no expert so have no specific advice on sail rigs but you’ll need to decide whether you want a rig that is just for downwind or whether you want an upwind rig. Big difference.

what they said
1. rudder

2. downwind is a fraction of the cost and effort than an upwind rig which will require larger rudder, leeboard and mostlikely outriggers. Kayaks are not sailboats so going to an upwind rig takes a kayak hull shape into territory that sailboats are designed for.

This thread has plans for building
a kayak sail, also pictures of a T-140 with an upwind sail. The guy that has the T-140, Lollipop, is a great guy, older gentleman, and very approachable. Email him or register with and PM him if you want information on his sail rig. You can also do a search for kayak sails on TKF and find lots of posts.

Welcome to the wonderful world of giving your arms a break and harnessing the wind:

Also check this site for some DIY tips:

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I suppose landing gear is in future
planning as well and drop down wheels so you can sail right up to your vehicle.

I’m going paddling.