Adding a second kayak to roof rack

I recently bought a perception “carolina” 14.5" and it is 24.5 “wide, I have a pungo 120 and it is 29” wide…My question is what width cross bar do I need to change my system too? I’m using holly rollers and yakima mako saddles. By the way, I can’t lift to well…so please don’t suggest stackers everything must be flat. I have a thule rack. Would you think a 65" bar would do? THANKS in advance Mikeb

More than enough

– Last Updated: Jul-30-06 11:04 PM EST –

I have the same set up with Yakima bars. I carry two Sundance 12 kayaks which are 28 inches wide. My bars are 58 inches wide.

The rollers and pads on the exterior ends of the set up are only three inches from the end of the bars. This means that when loaded, part of the kayaks are actually overhanging the end of the bar. Hence you are really using more area than the 58 inches of the bar length. This was set up profesionally by the dealer and works great.

Hope you understand. Hope this makes sense. If not e mail me and I'll e mail you a photo.

i just wish
Thule made a bar longer than 78".

I’ve got a setup on the RV and want to try the Hullavator but i dont have the requisite 4 inches past the Thule feet.