adding a skeg to a rotomolded kayak?

Any one have any thoughts and/or experience with retro-fitting a skeg to a rotomolded kayak? I’m considering adding one to my current designs whistler - decent boat but it does want to head up wind a lot…


maybe add a rudder like skeg
I know someone that added a skeg to his kayak in the same place as a rudder would go. So he has a line on the outside of the kayak to raise or lower it, but no additional lines to steer (it’s fixed).

CD makes a rudder for that boat…

My wife has

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a Looksha sport. It has an external skeg. I don't know if they still make them but you could try to buy on off of Necky.


It’s the worst skeg on the market…
…as it sticks straight out when not deployed, where it snags on things and gets bent constantly. When that happens, it no longer deploys properly. IMO, it’s worse than no skeg at all.

Question: To what extent can
weathercocking be dealt with by redistributing weight? Moving weight toward the stern should have the same effect as deploying a skeg.

Bottom line is…
Pay a few hundred to retrofit the factory rudder or sell the boat and get something you like. Messing with a cheap fix will only lower it’s resale

get the one for it
I am with the others. Best route would be to get the rudder kit that is made for the boat. If you really just want a skegg, don’t install the pedals and cables and lock it so it doesn’t turn.

Note - installing a rudder like this will make the weather cocking worse when the rudder is not in use.

it is 2017. does anyone have some current links to learn about putting a skeg onto my Wee Lassie 14 lb 10’6" canoe to help it track better?