Adding a Skeg to a Rotomoled Kayak

I was curious if it is possible to add a skeg to a rotomoled kayak.I have a WS Tsunami 160 rotomoled kayak and was wanting to add to stop weather cocking.Iknow you can add a rudder but I dont really like rudders.

there is a thought

You might be able to
just fasten a strip of 3/4"x3/4" wood along the keeline to get what you need. You can experiment by duct taping different lengths at the stern of the keeline and see how it works. If you find something that feels right to you, you can fasten it with glue and screws. I have installed similar permanent skegs on kayaks and like the low profile and never having to mess with it sticking. Here is a link to one of the skegs I’ve done.

Modify a rudder kit.
The boat’s already set up to receive a rudder. Get or make the rear portion of the rudder (skip the cables and foot rails). Instead of drilling and running cables thru the deck and bulkheads, simply tie them off to the nearest deck fittings on each side to “fix” the rudder. That way, you can still raise and lower a fixed skeg, and you don’t cut into the value of the boat.


Can you shift yourself further back in the cockpit?? Depending on how close you are to the LCB of the boat (or is it LCF?? I keep getting them reveresed) influences weathercocking too. If you can sit further back in the boat it will help. Might not cure it but it is free to try.

Trade it for a Tempest…
Simple, no hassle, tape, wood, on/off fooling around. Helps the economy etc…

bonding a skeg

hey-you left off better boat too!

I have a Wilderness Systems Alto and had the same problem. The stern of mine has two bolts that hold the factory provided rudder. I found a piece of deep channel and drilled holes to match those on the boat. I then took a windsurf fin and ground it to the shape I wanted. I then mounted it to the channel with a single pin so it would flip up and ran a line to the cockpit so I could pull it up. Gravity holds it in the water. It made the Alto one of my favorite boats.

Can you provide more info?

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I'm about to make one myself for the WS Tsunami 145 and was thinking along the same linse as you.

The Tsunami comes with two screws on the back that are intended to hold the factory rudder. I think it is trivial to attach a skeg using them.

I want to see how you attached the skeg (the surf fin) to the, I assume, metal piece that you attached to the stern. And how you made it retractable.

I'm have several ideas already, but it won't hurt to get a few more here -;)

What I think of doing is attach a piece of aluminum profile to the two screws, attach the skeg to it and have a rope routed back to the cockpit (without drilling) to pull it up when not needed. The skeg should flip back in the water when released (may need to rig-up some stretch-cord or similar mechanism to pul it down by default, unless tied-up with the pull rope).

Should be able to rig this-up for very cheap with Home Depot components...